We now have two different models of ramps in our system. While they are very similar models, please note that they differ on how to lock/unlock the leg assembly in Step 5.

Watch ramp instructions within the Trailer Moves video.

View or print ramp instructions      as a PDF file.

The ramp must NEVER be packed behind the bulkhead with your personal belongings and should be the last item loaded on the trailer.

Step 1   Step 2
Position the ramp on the trailer as shown and unfold the leg assembly.   Ensure that the legs rest against the STOP BLOCKS.
Step 3   Step 4
Slide the ramp backward until the apron rests flat on the trailer floor. Place the legs on the ground.   Ensure the RAIL ENDS are touching the rear of the trailer and the entire APRON is inside the trailer.
Unfold the bottom portion of the ramp until it rests on the ground. Ensure the YELLOW BAR locks into leg assembly. The ramp should be used only on a flat, firm surface.   Ensure the two latches are locked. To lock/unlock the leg assembly, rotate the BLACK HANDLE.

The ramp should be ready for use if these steps are followed.

Ramp removal instructions