ABF Trailer

Just how much space will you need? Try one of these calculators

Simple Space Estimator - Uses the number of bedrooms and/or square footage of a typical home or apartment.  This estimator will give you a good idea of the space you will need on the trailer.

Truck Rental Conversion - If you are comparing a truck rental option, this chart converts truck rental sizes to equivalent space on an ABF trailer.

Room-by-Room Space Estimator - Best for those with several miscellaneous items or have lived in their home for several years. It allows you to itemize all of your belongings for an estimation of trailer space needed and should provide the most accurate estimate.

Storage Unit Estimator - Uses your storage unit dimensions to estimate the footage you will use on the trailer.

Although these space estimators are generally accurate, you may still use more or less space than originally quoted. Most price quotes include a footage rate for adjusting the original quote amount. If you load your belongings into less than the original quote amount, simply subtract the per foot rate from the quoted amount. (Your price will be subject to the absolute minimum shown in the body of your quote.) Likewise, if you need more than the original quoted amount, then add the per foot rate to calculate the cost.