Is a Trailer Move for You?

U-Pack offers two types of equipment for moving and storage: 28 ft. moving trailers and 6' x 7' x 8' moving containers (called ReloCubes®). Both are designed to make moving easy and affordable. Which option is best for you?

Are you moving a large home?

If so, the U-Pack moving trailer is an excellent choice. Just load your belongings, and pay only for the space you use.

The entire moving trailer has a loading capacity of 2,000 cubic feet. With internal dimensions of 324" x 96" x 108" (LWH), it typically accommodates the furnishings of a large three-bedroom to small four-bedroom home (check out U-Pack's space estimators to determine how much space you'll need). If you need the entire trailer, it's always available, but if you can fit into less, you pay less down to a minimum of 5 linear feet. So really, whether your move is large or small, U-Pack delivers.

Do you need extra flexibility?

Then a U-Pack moving trailer is the perfect solution. If you decide last-minute to leave things behind, if your shipment grows unexpectedly, or if you have difficulty determining how much space you'll need, you're in good hands with U-Pack. Simply add or subtract the per-foot adjustment rate included in your moving quote. And, there's no down-payment or deposit. Payment isn't due until after the moving trailer is loaded and you know your exact linear footage all benefits U-Pack customers rave about!

Request a free online moving quote and see how much you'll save in a U-Pack moving trailer. It's instant and it's easy!

Here's How a U-Pack Trailer Move Works:

And you'll never see additional charges for taxes, tolls, the driver or fuel; it's all included!

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Here's What Customers Say About U-Pack Moving Trailers

"I think this is a wonderful company! They deliver on time and pick up on time and the price is reasonable. It is nice to be able to use just the space you need and have time to pack and unload the trailer. Thank you for your service." Barbara, GA

"From the first phone call to the driver pulling away with the empty trailer everyone was wonderful. I was really worried when I signed on with ABF. It sounded too good to be true but ABF was true to their word. Everything they promised they delivered from price to delivery date. Will definitely use them again!!!" Evann, CA

"This is the only way to go! All time and financial commitments were kept, all the staff (those on the telephone and in person) were friendly and helpful, and I especially benefited from the immediate availability of additional trailer space when I underestimated my space needs. I have already highly recommended your service to others!" Gayle, UT

"Excellent service in every aspect. Courteous, professional drivers, clean trailer, punctual drop off and delivery. This was our best choice overall, and the move went smoothly." Mark, MA

"Everyone throughout the entire process from Albuquerque to Phoenix was extremely professional and helpful. The person who handled the quote to the drivers who dropped off the trailers were friendly, informative and very personable. Thank you for making our move easier than we anticipated. On a scale of 1-10 we would give ABF U-Pack a 10." Tony, NM

"The trailer drivers at both ends of the move provided exceptional service. This was, by far, the easiest long-distance move I've ever made. Thanks for offering a simple, affordable service with friendly and experienced delivery staff. I've recommended ABF to a number of friends already." Melody, AZ

Get a free moving quote online or call U-Pack at 800-355-1696 Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. CST.

Need boxes? We have plenty of moving supplies, including a broad selection of boxes that we'll deliver right to your door.

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