This bulkhead requires some assembly and consists of two identical 4' x 8' wood panels that connect to form a protective wall. The panels connect with bolted-on loadbars. Each loadbar slides a limited distance inside the mounting brackets. Loadbar length is adjustable with extension tubes that snap into adjustment holes. The pump handle tube extends up to 8 inches and retracts by holding down the red button while compressing the tube back into the loadbar. Please ensure that the bulkhead remains in a dry place and is not exposed to moisture.

Safety Measures: Protective gloves should be worn while assembling and disassembling the bulkhead. We recommend two people for setup and removal as demonstrated in the photos.

The bulkhead is intended to act as a separator and is not designed to withstand the entire weight of your belongings if the load shifts in transit.

In order to keep objects from shifting, items must be secured with ropes, bungee cords, or ratchet straps prior to installing the bulkhead.


Step 1: Lean the two panels side by side against your shipment. The black pump handles must be oriented as shown in the photo.
Step 2: Slide the loadbars together so that they fully connect in the center. Do this for top and bottom loadbars.
Step 3: Adjust the extension tube out past the end of the wood panel until the snap button snaps securely into the proper adjustment hole, which is typically the next-to-last or last adjustment hole. Do this for the top and bottom loadbars.
Step 4: Stand the bulkhead upright against your shipment perpendicular to the trailer floor. Pump the black handle until pads touch both trailer walls. Then pump the black handle an additional 10-12 times to secure the bulkhead inside the trailer. Do this for the top and bottom loadbars.
Installed and Ready for Transit

ATTENTION: Failure to leave the ramp on the door side of the bulkhead will result in additional charges.

Hydraulic Bulkhead (square bars) Removal Instructions