A bulkhead is a wall that is installed after your goods are loaded to secure and separate your belongings from other cargo on the trailer. This bulkhead is provided at no additional charge and is delivered to your location with the trailer. Complete instructions are attached to the bulkhead. Watch bulkhead instructions within the Trailer Moves video.

Your bulkhead will consist of two panels and is simple to install. Keep in mind that a bulkhead is not designed to withstand the entire weight of your belongings if the load shifts in transit. It is a good idea to secure your things with ropes and/or other appropriate mechanisms throughout the trailer to prevent your load from shifting or moving during transit.

Incorrect loading or securing of your goods could result in damage or breakage while the trailer is in transit. Loading improperly could mean that you might use more space than anticipated, which means a higher price for your move. Secure your load with braces and ropes when possible. You may also use other bracing materials that can be nailed into the wooden strips in the floor of the trailer.

* For security, it is recommended that you cover your belongings with a tarp or cardboard before installing the bulkhead.

Safety Measures:protective gloves should be worn while assembling and disassembling the bulkhead.U-Pack recommends using two people for setup and removal.

Hydraulic Bulkhead (square bars) Setup

Lockable Bulkhead (round bars) Setup