If you answer YES to any of these scenarios, truck rental may not be for you.

You’re moving a family - more specifically, a family with children requiring child safety seats.
You’re driving through unfamiliar high traffic or mountainous areas.
Your move is long distance and the cost to fuel the rental truck increases the truck rental price significantly.
You’re unsure how much space you will need so a more flexible option is ideal.
Your auto insurance doesn’t cover damage to a rental truck while it’s in your care.
A hotel stay is required, and you feel anxious about parking a loaded rental truck in a hotel parking lot overnight.
You would like to take your time and stop along the way to see the sights.

The Low-Cost Truck Rental Alternative

If you’re moving long distance and truck rental doesn’t meet your needs, U-Pack is the perfect low-cost solution! You save money by doing the loading and unloading, but unlike truck rental, U-Pack does all the driving. You get to drive to your new home in the comfort of your own vehicle instead of making the trip in a large, unfamiliar rental truck. Here’s how U-Pack works:

It’s simple and affordable.

U-Pack’s prices include all transportation costs, including fuel, the driver, and standard liability coverage. Simply pay based on the space you use in the trailer or the number of containers you use. No surprises, no hidden fees. That’s the way moving should be!

Do U-Pack Prices Really Compare to Truck Rental Prices?

Yes! When you’re moving long distance U-Pack rates really do compare to truck rental rates in many locations. To get a free moving quote from U-Pack, enter the basic information about your move, then click the “get instant quote” button. You’ll see your price right away.

Now, compare your U-Pack price to truck rental rates.

At the initial comparison your truck rental quote may seem like the better deal. But when you consider the REAL cost of renting a truck and driving it yourself (like paying more for fuel, sales tax, damage protection, highway tolls and other “soft costs”), you may change your mind.

How Much Does It Cost to Fuel A Rental Truck, Anyway?

If you’re moving across the country, the cost to fuel a rental truck could as much as double your price. Use the calculator below to help estimate how much you can expect to pay for fuel in a rental truck. It’s an extra cost you don’t have to worry about with U-Pack!

Fuel Cost Calculator
Moving From:

Moving To:


Why Choose Truck Rental When U-Pack Is So Convenient?

"Convenient" is a word customers often use to describe U-Pack. When the trailer or ReloCube is delivered to your door you have up to three business days to load. When you’re finished, simply call the local service center to have an experienced driver pick it up and move it to your destination. Then, when you’re finished unloading, just call for pick-up. It’s that easy.

And here’s what’s even more convenient: U-Pack prices are based on how much space you use in the trailer or the number of Cubes you use. So, let’s say you’re moving a three-bedroom home and the space estimator indicates you need around 21 linear feet. You give a few things away, pack the rest very efficiently, and you’re able to fit into 18 linear feet. Congratulations! Your price just got lower.

As you know, that’s not the case with moving truck rental. You pay for the entire truck, whether you need it or not. But what happens if you run out of space? You’re left to leave it behind or find another means of moving it. Not so convenient.

But what’s even more inconvenient is rental truck availability. It’s important to note that with some rental truck companies, your reservation isn’t guaranteed until the day BEFORE your requested pick up date. Discovering the day before your move that the rental truck you requested isn’t available can put a major damper on your moving plans. 

Here’s the good news! Once you make a reservation with U-Pack, the equipment you select is delivered right to your door on moving day. Guaranteed.

So the solution is simple: Go U-Pack! We drive. You save.®

Call or click today for a free moving quote! U-Pack representatives are here to help Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. CST. Or get an instant moving quote online anytime! And if your U-Pack quote doesn’t provide an option or price that works for your needs and budget, just give us a call at 800-355-1696 to discuss more options and way to save.

Competitive prices and you get to drive your own vehicle instead of an unfamiliar rental truck; that’s a win-win. Call today!

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