Low-Cost Long-Distance Moving It's U-Pack's Specialty

U-Pack does long-distance moving, and we do it well. Just load your belongings into a moving trailer or ReloCube, and we'll move it quickly and safely, right to your door.

It's affordable too. U-Pack was designed to help save money on long-distance moves. That's why we weren't surprised that over 78% of our customers said they chose U-Pack over other long-distance moving companies because of price.

Interested in saving money on your long-distance move? U-Pack can help!

Pack, load and unload your belongings, then pay only for the space you use. Simply put, when you use less, you pay less; when you need more, it's always available. And you'll never pay additional for fuel, taxes or the driver; it's all included in your price. What's more, there's no down-payment or deposit. You can wait to pay after your shipment is loaded and you know exactly how much space you've used. That's a combination customers love.

So when price matters most, go U-Pack! Get a free moving quote today and compare to other long-distance moving companies; you'll see quite a difference! U-Pack prices compare to truck rental, but a professional always does all the driving.

Move Long Distance Faster

Thanks to those professional drivers and a top-notch network of service centers strategically placed throughout the country, U-Pack can move you virtually anywhere in the U.S. within 2-5 business days. That's fast! Most traditional long-distance moving companies take at least 10-14 days. So when you need to get there quick, go U-Pack! You can track your shipment 24/7 online, or by phone.

And if you need it there even faster, or you need to know the exact day it will arrive, ask your U-Pack Sales Consultant about U-Pack Guaranteed; it's on time, every time, 100% guaranteed.

Move Long Distance Safer

Not only is U-Pack known for being quick, we're also known for safety. In fact, 99%of U-Pack's customers moved claim-free in 2011. That's a record unmatched by any other long-distance moving company in the industry. And it's all thanks to ABF, U-Pack's transportation provider and the only six-time winner of the American Trucking Association's President's Trophy for Safety. Just one more reason U-Pack is the long-distance moving company customers rave about.

No In-Home Estimates

Another perk customers talk about is never having to invite a stranger into your home for an in-home estimate. With U-Pack, determining the linear footage or number of ReloCubes needed for your move is easy! Just use our online space estimators. You can get a quick estimate with the Simple Space Estimator, or for more detail, simply enter each of your items into the Room-by-Room Estimator.

If you need additional assistance, U-Pack moving consultants are available Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. 8 p.m. CST, or you can get a free moving quote online anytime. Go U-Pack! We drive. You save.®

Here's What Customers Had to Say About Moving Long Distance with U-Pack:

"I was EXTREMELY happy with your service and surprised to find out that it was possible to move long distance WITHOUT a moving company or renting a truck. Your price was one third the cost of what I would have paid if I had rented a truck and much more if I had hired a moving company. Thank you for your service! I will recommend your company whenever I can, to friends, collegues, and family." Marlayne, CA

"I would love for others to know about ABF and tell anyone I know who is moving long distance to consider you. I also like that bill is adjusted based on amount of space used. That gives flexibility since we can't know until it is loaded how much space it will take. THANK YOU for everything. If you ever need a local marketing spokesman, here I am!! People don't know about you!" Heather, FL

"Extremely helpful and courteous reps from sales to the terminals. Easy and quick. Would certainly recommend to anyone moving long distance. Thanks!" Carly, DC

"Second time I've used ABF, and if I move long distance, I'll use them again." Michael, NC

"Absolutely a wonderful experience and would use this service again in the future for any long distance moves. Thanks for providing this option for residential moving." Brian, OH

"This was the easiest long distance move I've ever had. Aside from my own time crunch, all went well and both the origination and destinations drivers were accommodating, polite and professional. They both deserve a raise!!! Thank you, I will reccommend to everyone I know!!!" James, TX

"I was very nervous about the decision I was making to move across the country, this was like nothing I had ever done before, and there were many moving horror stories online. I was absolutely 100% happy and satisfied with ABF U-Pack, from the beginning of my experience to the end. My contact to book the move was friendly, knowledgable and very helpful. The trucks were immaculate, and the drivers that brought the truck to my house and delivered to my other house were courteous, and very helpful. I would absolutely recomend this option to anyone planning a long distance move." Tracey, NY

"By far the best option for long distance moving that I have found." Benjamin, WA

"I was originally a little bit worried about the size of the containers but my worries disappeared when they arrived. There's a ton of room inside if you just pack to the ceiling! The whole process was very easy and I would definitely recommend U-Pack for anyone making a long distance move." Scott, CA