ABF provides transportation of your household goods. You are responsible for all packing and loading of your items. Your items are secured behind our supplied bulkhead/security divider or in a ReloCube®. ABF is only responsible for damage caused by our negligence. We are not responsible for damage caused by improper packing or loading.

ABF offers two types of liability coverage for your goods. The first coverage is catastrophic liability which covers your items at $3.00 per pound per piece, subject to a maximum of $60,000 per trailer and $7,500 per ReloCube for these specific events only: trailer or ReloCube fire, trailer overturn, trailer collision, or complete trailer or ReloCube theft. This standard coverage is included with your quote at no additional charge.

The second coverage is carrier negligence liability which covers your items at 10 cents per pound per piece for loss or damage caused by carrier negligence. The customer acknowledges that ABF's liability is limited in consideration of a lower rate than would otherwise be applicable and that additional coverage is available at a higher price. Additional coverage for loss or damage due to carrier negligence is available as follows:

Liability begins after your loaded trailer or ReloCube has been picked up at origin and ceases when the trailer or ReloCube has been tendered for unloading at destination. Additional coverage must be requested through an ABF U-Pack Moving analyst or moving coordinator prior to the actual spot date of your trailer or ReloCube. All loss and damage must be reported immediately. All claims must be filed within nine months of the date-of-delivery.

We also recommend that you check with your homeowners' or renters' insurance agent. Many agents will create a "rider" or "floater" policy to cover your goods during transit.

Please also see ABF U-Pack Moving's Disclaimer.