On a search for the best moving companies?

Smart thinking! Before you put your household goods into any moving company's care, it's wise to research and get the facts. When you're looking for the best moving company, nothing beats actual customer opinion. That's why sites where customers can post their own moving company reviews like epinions.com, Kudzu.com and the Better Business Bureau are a great place to start.

U-Pack Moving® has set the standard for excellent customer service and safety in the moving industry. And that's exactly what you deserve. You'll be pleased to know that ABF Freight System, U-Pack's transportation provider, is the only six-time winner of the American Trucking Association's Excellence in Security Award. That means you can relax knowing your goods are traveling with the best. Pair that type of safety with the outstanding reviews you'll find at both epinions.com and the BBB, and you'll see exactly why so many customers gladly recommend U-Pack to their family and friends.
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U-Pack's Epinions.com Rating

We're proud to say that U-Pack rates 4.5 out of 5 stars at Epinions. Considering that U-Pack has more reviews than any other moving company on the site, that's an accolade to be proud of.

U-Pack's BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau remains the ideal place for consumers to determine if the company they're considering is reliable, trustworthy and treats their customers with care. ABF U-Pack is proud to have earned an A+ Better Business Bureau rating; the highest BBB rating possible. That's another accolade we're proud of.

U-Pack's Customer Comments

In order to continuously improve the service, after each U-Pack move we ask customers to complete a survey and review their experience moving with U-Pack. Here's what some former U-Pack customers had to say:


"From beginning to the end, these were the nicest people in the world to deal with. They didn't even flinch when I had to change my delivery date because of a delayed closing. Yes, I would not hesitate to use ABF again." - Sally B., Floral City, FL

"Easily the easiest move I have ever done. Everyone was very kind and courteous. The price I was quoted was about half of the competitors. Also the service I received on all ends was top notch. Will definitely be using this service again for my future moves. Wonderful experience" - Mike S., Orlando, FL

"It was the most positive experience we could have imagined...the drivers were so nice at both ends...the people in the office were GREAT....we only paid for what we needed...the whole thing is amazing and well-priced! We have told all our friends! Thanks so much." - Melinda B., Albany, GA


"I would rate your service as 5 stars (out of 5 stars). You delivered exactly what you promised, on time, no surprises. Every one of your employees were courteous, helpful, and very easy to do business with. I have nothing but praise for the whole experience! Thank you very much for making my move trouble free!" - Kathleen B., Acme, PA

"I absolutely would recommend ABF. Both origin and destination service centers including the phone scheduling while making my decision to use ABF was amazing. The quote was spot on and I could not have asked for a smoother move from ABF!! You made a difficult task so much easier!! Thank you so much!!" - Mary G., Shreveport, LA


"We have recommended ABF U-Pack to others ...many others. We had used ABF five years ago for our move from Dallas to Indianapolis and had the same great service. Back in Dallas, I owned a business that had frequent hauling needs and I used ABF whenever possible due to the friendly helpful drivers as well as the office staff who made working with ABF easy and a real pleasure. Thank you ABF. IF we ever move again, we will contact you!" - Jack & Cynthia D., Greenwood, IN

"We were very pleased with ABF U-Pack. Everything went smoothly, from dropping off the ReloCube, picking it up, and delivering it to our new address cross-country. We will happily recommend U-Pack to others." - John M., Atlana, GA

"This was our third time using ABF and we only needed 5 feet so we checked with others and it was so complicated to list what you have besides the pick up and drop off was not as convenient as ABF. Pay for what you use is the best deal. The staff are always friendly and very knowledgeable." - Paul H., Northampton, MA

"After 19 moves, I would most definitely use ABF U-Pack again. Everyone I had interaction with was helpful, accommodating and very hospitable. Thank you for making my move from Vermont to California a success....you are a great team." - Patricia H., Chatsworth, CA

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ABF U-Pack Moving is listed in the database of the Better Business Bureau for the state of Arkansas. Customers may call 501-664-7274 to hear a report of current standing.