ABF transportation service keeps your U-Pack move safe and sound

According to Maslow's hierarchy, safety is one of the most basic needs—why choose a moving company that can't provide it? U-Pack Moving offers the safety and reliability you expect when it comes to shipping your personal belongings. Let U-Pack and ABF transport your household goods with a move that's secure from start to finish.

How will ABF transport my items?

After you pack and load, a professional ABF driver will deliver your possessions to your new home. Your items will travel through an efficient transit system designed by ABF transportation to provide quality service within a reasonable timeframe. With over 290 ABF transportation service centers nationwide, it's no wonder U-Pack can move you practically anywhere in the United States in 2 to 5 business days!

U-Pack plus ABF transportation equals a smooth move

U-Pack's commitment to customer satisfaction combines perfectly with over 85 years of experience and careful driving from ABF transportation service to form a trustworthy moving option. Previous customers have given U-Pack a 4-star rating on review sites like Epinions and Kudzu, while ABF transportation is the only 6-time winner of the President's Trophy for Safety from the American Trucking Association.

Get a free moving quote to see how U-Pack fits your moving budget without sacrificing the peace of mind ABF transportation provides.